Hey guys! It’s been a while since our last update because we’ve been tinkering with our gameplay mechanics and level layout. Paul will be talking about some of our gameplay and we have some new media to share with you. Enjoy!

Hi everyone!

My name is Paul and I’m in charge of animation for Blubber Busters.  I’ve also taken up the reins for gameplay design recently as well, so I wanted to give you all an update on what kind of design choices we’re making as we push forward on this little prototype!  

At its heart, Blubber Busters is an arcade run-and-gun shooter that’s all about taking down loads of baddies.  A lot of us on the team are huge fans of games like Metal Slug, Contra, Super Metroid and Risk of Rain, and we want to take inspiration from our favorite games where we can while still coming up with something fun and unique to call our own.  

Plain and simple, we want to make it feel awesome to romp around in the guts of giant space whales.   It should be slimy and gross and squishy, right?  There will be plenty of environmental elements that can work for you or against you – we’re talking blisters that can pop and launch you high into the air, stomach acid pits filled with larvae parasites, or mucus walls that help you get to higher places.  

Combat is being built to keep you on your toes – We’re going for swarms of enemies from all directions.  We’re still playing with a number of player mechanics, but ideally we’re trying to blend mobility and firepower, with a foundation of only a handful of abilities.  Hopefully we’ll have something to show in terms of combat examples in the near future!

I’ve always been the most interested in designing experiences that have a proper heartbeat to them – I like games that have clear punctuation to their action and exploration.  Too much of one or the other ends up feeling a bit stale and seeing as how Blubber Busters will definitely be high-action, I’m doing my best to create a nice balance that will feel exciting without being repetitive or exhausting.  I’m looking forward to sharing more with you guys as we get further along!

And finally, here’s a little bonus video of some early testing with our layout and 2.5D assets. We can’t wait to share more with you guys again. We hope you like! 

It’s been a long time since our last update, but we’ve finally got a full team! Soon, we can start posting the meat of the game. Yum.

We’ve got some concept work for various pits of death and the final version of Parasite Phil from Avery’s stream, some block in animations for Rudy, and a spaceship.


We’re excited to share more with you guys soon. Stay tuned!